How It Works

Being a hospital patient just got a whole lot better

Some of the greatest ideas are so simple, it’s hard not to smile. That’s kind of how we feel about PadInMotion.

Being a patient is a difficult experience. PadInMotion makes it better by contracting with hospitals and other medical facilities to provide a customized tablet at the patient bedside. Patients benefit from the tablet while in the facility and download the PadInMotion app to their personal device post discharge.

Our software delivers an amazing technology experience that gives patients the entertainment of their choice, connectivity to loved ones, and all the medical insight they need. Patients enjoy the latest entertainment (movies, books, games) and benefit from access to important information about their medical condition including lab results, insight into scheduled procedures, images, and medication.

Our easy to use interface keeps things simple and our support staff is always available to answer any questions.

We believe the possibilities are endless!

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The opportunities are endless!

  1. hEntertain
    Patients enjoy the web, movies, games, books, music, newspapers, magazines and much more.
  2. Looking human torsoEducate
    Patients learn about their medical condition via interactive games, videos and proprietary hospital information.
  3. PadInMotion - Doctors - 322Engage
    Patients benefit from care applications that include care team information, lab results, discharge planning and even food menu selection.