Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Tell me more about the correlation between patient experience and medical outcomes

A: Studies have repeatedly shown a strong positive correlation between patient satisfaction and recovery time, lower readmissions and better long term outcomes. We’re pleased to play our part in bringing a more positive experience to thousands of patients, young and old. Our tablets are preloaded with entertainment options, connectivity tools and medical care applications that help patients better understand their medical condition, prognosis and expected recovery process.

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Q: Please tell me more about how the tablets can be customized to improve the patient experience

When the patient arrives in the room they see a tablet that welcomes them to the hospital, provides them with the names and photos of their care team, gives an estimate of when their doctor and nurse will be in to see them, and provides an overview of the entertainment and communication services they can access on the tablet. When a patient’s nurse changes, the care team is updated in real-time on the tablet and the patient is informed.

Once a doctor has seen the patient, the tablet will now include educational modules about their condition and medications. The doctor can easily provide an overview of his diagnosis and refer the patient to the tablet to learn more. This also triggers a discharge education process so that the patient has a sense of when they will be able to leave the hospital and the preparations they should make.

Throughout the hospital stay, the patient can of course connect with friends via video, access movies, books, games, skype, and even the hospital kitchen right from their tablet.

Q: Does one need prior experience with a tablet to know how to use the devices?

A: Definitely not. The tablets use PadInMotion’s proprietary easy to use interface. Patients of all ages who have never used a tablet before have no trouble getting started and the PadInMotion staff is around 24X7 to assist.

Q: How is the tablet reset between users?

A: All data is automatically cleared between users via a proprietary algorithm that meets the highest data security and HIPAA standards. No sensitive data of any kind is retained between patients. 

Q: What type of care applications do the tablet have?

A: The tablets are customized with care management applications such as discharge planning, medication and safety education, care team communication, and wellness planning. We provide the technology platform, software, and logistics. We understand that requirements are very different between hospital departments and simply tailor the tablets to the wishes of the department. Our platform is completely open meaning that we can use pretty much any software the hospital/medical facility chooses.

Q: Please tell me more about hygiene.

A: All tablets have specialized micr-bacterial resistant protective covers and undergo a 5-point hygiene process prior to deployment. As an ongoing measure, they are simply wiped down by hospital staff between users just as with any other electronic equipment in the hospital.

Q: What kind of assistance is provided to patients?

A: Our staff is available 24X7 via our toll-free number.

Q: How are the devices secured to prevent theft?

A: The tablets are equipped with highly advanced digital security features that automatically set off an alert, disable and track the tablet when removed from the hospital room. Consequently theft has never been a problem.



5 point Cleaning and Disinfecting Process

  1. All equipment is thoroughly inspected and cleaned to remove any visible dirt or secretions.
  2. Disinfection is achieved by applying PDI Alcohol Free Sani-Cloths to all surfaces of the iPad.
  3. Disinfecting/cleaning solution is left on for at least 3 minutes, the time required by the manufacturer to achieve elimination of all bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens.
  4. All surfaces are then dried, and buffed to remove any excess disinfecting solution.
  5. All iPads are kept in hygienic storage bags for transfer, pick-up and delivery, thus avoiding contact with other surfaces.